Why Q4

American football, often dubbed the most invigorating team sport, parallels data security in an intriguing way. Every play and move holds a strategic purpose, much like in our data-centric world. A single lapse can turn the tide of the game or compromise your precious data.

Q4 Technologies, born out of this unique understanding, helps organizations fortify their data defense. Our philosophy takes inspiration from the tenets of American football, ensuring our team stays vigilant, well-practiced, and ready to shield your most valuable assets: your data.

Our name, Q4, draws from the game's thrilling ebb and flow across four quarters. This symbolizes our readiness to adapt swiftly to unforeseen circumstances. Much like winning crucial games in the fourth quarter, we're there to ensure you triumph in your data security battles.

Unlike a football game, which has a definitive end, data security is a relentless journey without a final whistle. Regardless of the hurdles encountered, our team stands ready to step into any data security and IT role your organization requires. No Hail Mary passes here; instead, we field a meticulously assembled team to safeguard your data, keeping us well ahead of potential threats.

At Q4, our secret to success is our fluency across all levels. From conversing with top management to liaising with the IT team, we are adept at decoding complex terminologies and facilitating seamless communication. Our team is packed with superstars, but we pride ourselves on our 'no prima donna' rule. We are as ready to brainstorm strategic decisions as we are to tackle the nitty-gritty of data protection.

Understanding the strict rules governing both American football and data security, we ensure compliance with all relevant regulations, providing you with a game plan tailored to your specific needs.

In data security, Q4 technologies refuses to be a spectator. Our experienced team of experts are immune to rookie mistakes, always ready to change tactics at a moment's notice. After all, we don't just focus on the next game day threat - we strategize on winning the whole cybersecurity season.

Q4 Leadership

Eric Trevore

Chief Executive & Security Officer

A 25+year IT Veteran, spearheaded innovative projects that have fundamentally changed corporate direction and created competitive advantages through strategic technology modernization and industry evolutionary initiatives.

Shane Green

Chief Technology & Security Officer

Technically sophisticated professional with 25+ years of experience in leading top-performing IT teams, developing/ implementing IT strategies, increasing network security, and optimizing corporate technical architecture across large and medium organizations.

Tom Green

Chief Operating Officer | Audit
and Compliance

A 25+year career working with multiple global professional service firms. Clients included SMB, fortune-100, public, private, not-for-profit, and government entities. Audited IT systems, data security, data privacy, and data integrity.

Dustin Ray

Chief Operating Officer | Business and Marketing

A 20+ year executive business strategy leader in technology. with experience spanning IT services and aerospace & defense, from SMB to fortune 500 enterprises. retired from the US army after 24 years of service.